The Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC)

was established in 2006.

The Association's objective is to create a civilized information society, which will have its own legal system and the codes of professional activities that are to be accepted by both the users and the companies operating on the Internet.

One of the key goals of the Association is to set up a dialogue between the state and the IT-companies.

RAEC is actively involved in the solutions of socially important objectives aimed at the development of the information society in Russia and enhancing the image of Russia as of the responsible member of the global information community.

The Association's main activities:

  • GR / Law-making

    The Association is taking part in law-making in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media task forces. The expert evaluation of draft laws, the introduction of the industry's common position in relation to specific draft laws and the reporting of those opinions to the representatives of public authorities are carried out by the Association.
  • Research / Analytics

    We carry out the research of the most important and challenging issues of the information and communication technologies and commence, if appropriate, public discussions concerning the industry's most acute development issues at the national and international levels.
  • Projects and Conferences

    Our project activities are aimed at the elaboration of business relationship standards within the framework of the industry, the provision of security on the Internet and the support and development of science and education in the field of our industry.
  • Public Activities

    The Association is acting as an expert member in the sessions held by the State Duma, the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation as well as it is taking part in trade shows, conferences, workshops and task forces relating to the industry's issues.
  • RAEC Committees

    The RAEC Committees represent a system of permanent expert, analytical and practical units joining the Association's members together as to their respective industry segments. The Committees' objectives are primarily targeted at the introduction of recommendations relating to the development of strategic sectors in the area of information and communication technologies (Committee on Legal Affairs, Cybercrime Committee adn 6 more).